About The Owner

About Our Name
It began when young Sandra met the young wolf. Its leg had been caught in a trap, and guardian volunteers rescued the young wolf and bandaged its leg. They cared for the wolf for two months before they released it back into the wild. In the meantime, the wounded wolf had a visitor and found a friend.

Sandra was warned by her parents not to touch the wolf. But she was intrigued the very moment she saw the beautiful grey wolf, tied to a long rope with a splint bandage around her injured leg. She had been tranquilized so that the vet could fix her leg, and since then, no one had touched the wolf. They fed her, and then backed away so she would eat. While the adults were visiting, Sandra found herself staring into the wolf’s eyes, and being drawn closer and closer. The young wolf’s eyes stared deeply; piercing her soul with an ancient understanding, a connection to the wild and the wisdom of the wolves.

Sandra felt a connection she didn’t understand. For an hour, she slowly took one small step forward, then stopped, to gain the wolf’s trust. Soon the wolf took a small step towards her. As they approached one another, Sandra slowly put out her hand. The wolf took the last step closer and touched her hand. The trusting young wolf allowed Sandra to gently pet her, and Sandra felt her life change forever. This bold and kind attraction stunned the onlookers, but Sandra had followed her heart and the wolf understood she had a friend, and neither felt fear.

Sandra grew up in the Rocky Mountains in Utah. She graduated Cum Laude honors from Weber State University with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy. During this time, she was also busy raising horses and wolf hybrids, and was involved with wolf rescue and relocation as well. Then sixteen years ago the tropical trade winds called to Sandra and her young daughter Danyell, and they happily moved to beautiful Maui.
Sandra wanted to create something unique, something especially designed for women, so she opened a one-of-a-kind shop called Women Who Run With Wolves - more than a boutique to help encourage, inspire, and empower women to be their “true wolf self.”

The Alpha and female wolves mate for life, raise their young and hunt together. The  female maintains her strong nature, her instincts for self-preservation, and her ability to be independent and run wild. At the same time, she is a faithful mate and loving mother. She has naturally found that balance that we all strive for, and work hard to maintain.

To regain and maintain a critical balance in nature without devastating effects is something we all hope for, but it’s not always achieved.

The reintroduction of wolves in the wild was a noble effort. It represents a respect for nature, a realization of the interconnectedness of all life, and the responsibility as enlightened beings to protect our environment from destruction. The proud image of the wolves gives us a naturally powerful symbol that women especially can relate to. Like them, we strive to be strong and free, to exist in our truest nature, and to keep a healthy balance by lovingly caring for others, and always loving and taking good care of ourselves. We hope that our name will resonate for strong women, and we encourage you to follow your dreams, speak your truth, and create your life, and to seek and find your true, powerful Wolf self.